naval survey

Purchase a boat

The purchase of a boat – big or small – is an important step. From a financial point of view, it means investing money yet at the same time hoping to make a good deal, whereas from the point of view of safety it must be taken into consideration that it is always a means of transport and must therefore be seaworthy and safe at all times. Seaworthiness incorporates safety

One of the most important factors contributing to these requirements is the vessel’s overall condition and maintenance, including the hull, structure, engines, electrical and electronic equipment,

The consultancy service accompanies you through all the steps in the purchase, from the survey, the acceptance, the document in which the timing of the dry-dock visit and the sea trials are established, to the bill of sale.

Once the survey is completed the buyer will receive a detailed report listing the reviews carried out and the results obtained, valuable information for concluding the purchase.

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