Naval SURVEYOR based in Italy

Luca Marziale Naval Surveyor, based in Italy Rome, registration n°1925 at Ruolo dei Periti ed Esperti della CCIIAA di Roma, offers the following services in Italy and abroad

  • Assistance during anti-fouling and the painting of structures, superstructures
  • Assistance with estimates
  • Technical consutancy and the supervision of repairs
  • Consultancy for dry-docking
  • Inspection for arbitration and assessment of naval techniques
  • Naval surveys
  • Partisan naval surveys
  • Surveys and certification in case of failure of hulls, equipment, auxiliary and/or main engine
  • Surveys and certification for loss and damage due to faulty structures/equipment
  • Insurance and legal surveys
  • Pre-purchase surveys
  • Monitoring during construction .- inspection for osmosis
  • Verification of rolled fiberglass
  • Verification of equipment, deck gear and rigging
  • Commercial assessments
  • Insurance assessments

Report on the condition of a vessel

il perito nautico esegue la relazione stato imbarcazione

For the Insured, Insurance Companies and the potential buyer, this service by the naval surveyor aims at determining the Vessel’s overall condition and state of maintenance. Insurance Companies use this report to determine whether the Vessel is an acceptable risk. … leggi articolo …

Commercial value of Vessels

il perito navale stima il valore commerciale di una imbarcazione da diporto

This service is an assessment of the conditions and commercial value of a boat for insurance or leasing companies and purchasers/sellers. The assessment does not require a sea trial and can be carried out in dry-dock. Insurance companies usually require … leggi articolo …

Partisan naval survey

Perizie navali di parte per sutidi legali e assicurazioni nautiche

Partisan naval surveys are mainly used by Solicitors and law courts within the ambit of disputes and naval accidents. During litigation, concerning technical and/or commercial problems, of a Vessel, the Judge may consider it appropriate to obtain additional information to … leggi articolo …

Verification of osmosis in boat hulls

Il perito navale è molto utile per affronatre i probemi di verifica osmosi imbarcazione

“Verification of osmosis” is available for both boat owners and shipyards for vessels which require osmosis treatment in order to eliminate water absorption, and this aims at ensuring that the treatment of the phenomena is carried out correctly and efficiently … leggi articolo …

Purchasing a boat

Consulenza per acquisto imbarcazione da diporto

The purchase of a boat – big or small – is an important step. From a financial point of view, it means investing money yet at the same time hoping to make a good deal, whereas from the point of … leggi articolo …